Does Natto Inhibit mTOR? Should You Eat Natto on the Weekend? by Natto King

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I told you that I began exercising with my son to support his growth.

Yesterday, we did sprint HIIT. Doing HIIT with sprinting seems to enhance the human growth hormone tremendously, so we did 2 sets of jumping and 6 sets of sprinting.

It was tough. It was much harder than my usual bodyweight strength HIIT.

I could barely breathe.

My son needs to activate mTOR more often, which is the opposite of me since I need to inhibit mTOR most of the time. But there are many things we can both do, such as HIIT.

I usually practice intermittent fasting during the week but not on the weekend. This is because the weekend is the Hare period, and it is the mTOR activating period. Yes, even for longevity biohacking, you don’t want to activate autophagy all the time; you need some mTOR activation period. The ratio of the autophagy activating period and mTOR activating period is somewhere between 80%-20% to 66%-34%.

With Hare and Ke Intermittent cycle, the ratio is 71%-29%.

Therefore I eat three meals and include some animal-based foods on the weekend, provided that they are grass-fed or free-range.

What about Natto?

Do I eat Natto on the weekend?

It is autophagy activating food, but it also has a lot of protein.

Does Natto inhibit mTOR?

I got this question in one of my YouTube videos, so I decided to answer it in this video.


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