Water is in the Rice Fields Now

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Water is in the rice fields now. Most farmers plant their rice during the Golden Week, which is a chunk of national holidays from April 29th to May 7th this year except May 1st and 2nd. So they pour water into the rice fields around this time to prepare for rice planting.

It is one of the most beautiful seasons in Satoyama.

I went Nordic walking around our town during the Golden Week last year, enjoying this view of the rice fields.



I went Nordic walking this morning for the first time in a while.

I had been doing Sprint Interval Training with my son recently instead. With all this view, I will get back to my old routine of Nordic walking and jogging in the morning.

Plus, my son doesn’t want to exercise these days. He says he played soccer during the lunch break or in his PE class and was too tired to do anything else. Kids are not reliable, are they? Well, I understand his points. As long as he is doing over 60 minutes of exercise each day, he doesn’t need to do extra.


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