Singularity 2045: A New Narrative with the Rise of EI

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The forecast for the Singularity, the point where artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence, is set for 2045, a prediction becoming increasingly likely given the current boom in AI technology.

Yet, the pressing question remains – will this bring about a positive or negative outcome?

This outcome, I believe, is contingent on the emergence of EI, which, in this context, does not refer to Emotional Intelligence. I’ll delve into this shortly.

Should we maintain our current mentality, a negative outcome seems inevitable. This mentality sees dominant AI companies vying for supremacy, while consumers consistently expect and demand technological advancements, never content with the existing innovations.

This mentality might seem normal due to our familiarity with it, but from a child’s perspective, it’s quite absurd. Imagine looking through the innocent eyes of a child. Would it seem normal that a handful of companies monopolize most industries and amass 80% of our wealth? Would it seem normal that people are seemingly addicted to incessant technological advancement?

Remember the lessons of contentment we were taught as children. In Japan, we have a saying, “Taru wo Shiru,” which encourages knowing your limits and finding joy in what you already have. This mindset fosters a sense of shared happiness.

In order to steer towards a positive outcome, both technology developers and users must embrace this fundamental principle of contentment.

A significant shift in mindset to the Sanpo-Yoshi philosophy could spark dramatic change:

Jibun-Yoshi: Happiness for oneself

Aite-Yoshi: Happiness for others

Seken-Yoshi: Happiness for society

Envision a world where our actions are guided not only by personal happiness, but also the happiness of those around us and society as a whole. In this world, AI isn’t just a tool but a partner, aiding in creating an environment where happiness is accessible to everyone. Balance between the natural and technological realms will be achieved, allowing for a harmonious blend of human wisdom and artificial intelligence.

This is where EI, or Enlightened Intelligence, comes into play. It is the collective consciousness of humans and AI working together intelligently. This shift in consciousness could turn the Singularity from a possible threat into a force for widespread happiness and prosperity.


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