Why Taru wo Shiru Matters More than Ever in the Age of AI?

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Have you had the chance to check out this podcast interview?

58 – The Benefits of Ikigai Bio-Hacking with Sachiaki Takamiya – Part 2

During the interview, I discussed the concept of Taru wo Shiru, which I also shared with you in the last post.

This term represents the philosophy of being content with what you have. In essence, Taru signifies adequacy, and Shiru is the verb denoting knowledge – thus, acknowledging that what you have is enough.

Although commonly used in a business context, suggesting that one doesn’t need to pursue further growth once a certain level of success has been reached, this philosophy is versatile and can be applied to various aspects of life.

Consider health, for example. Some individuals constantly strive for progress, attempting to perfect their methods. Biohacking has evolved into something of a competitive sport. The very notion of lifespan extension is rooted in this growth-driven mentality, isn’t it?

What else could motivate the desire to live until 150?

I have yet to hear a compelling argument in favor of living beyond 120 years.

Intriguingly, this competitive, growth-oriented mindset has become deeply embedded within us, often unconsciously driving us to seek continual growth, be it in the pursuit of greater wealth, improved health, or extended longevity.

The realm of technological development is no exception – in fact, it is central to this mode of thinking. We spent much of the 20th century striving to reach new heights with our skyscrapers, eventually realizing our limitations. However, this lesson seems to have been forgotten in the current culture of relentless technological advancement.

It’s as if our intelligence is diminishing as our civilization advances.

Now is the time to embrace the philosophy of Taru wo Shiru and elevate our consciousness.



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