Hikiwari Natto: Super Anti-Aging Natto that Will Change Your Life

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I took part in the Jizo-bon festival on Sunday, a delightful experience.

Jizo-bon is held at the end of August in the Kansai region of Japan. You might have come across the small stone statue named Jizo while exploring Japan. Jizo is believed to be the protector of children, and Jizo-bon is a festival dedicated to expressing gratitude to Jizo. This cherished celebration takes place in each neighborhood, with families having children in elementary and junior high school taking the lead.

Now, do you know Hikiwari natto?

If you don’t, please watch this short video; it is only 40 seconds.

So, Hikiwari natto is better than regular natto.

If you want to know why, please watch this video.


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