Live to 120: Secrets of the Modern-Day Japanese Blue Zones: Part 2: Shiga vs. Singapore

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Have you had a chance to catch Dan Buettner’s new Netflix documentary series, Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones, that I mentioned in my last video?

It’s quite intriguing, summarizing the principles outlined in his book about the five longevity regions while exploring new developments like the Blue Zones projects in U.S. cities. Buettner also introduces the concept of a “blue zone 2.0,” with Singapore as the prime example.

Singapore is now popular among Japanese to move to. Many retired people spend their senior years there and some celebrities such as Atsuhiko Nakata have moved there. But I didn’t know about their health measures.

Interestingly, there are similarities between Singapore and Shiga, the newest longevity zone in Japan. Shiga was ranked the highest in average life expectancy ranking by prefectures in 2020.

I’ve delved into this in a video, so if you haven’t seen it yet, please give it a watch:


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