Blue Zone Exercises vs. Modern Workouts: Which is Better for Health and Longevity?

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Today marks the Autumn Equinox. But I am not going to visit a power spot or anywhere this time.

My son has a sports festival at his school today, and I’m looking forward to cheering him on.

Furthermore, in October, we’ll have our local sports festival, where both my son and I will participate in a relay race. It seems like autumn is a season of sports.

There’s a remarkable individual in my community who frequently takes part in running events during local festivals. He’s impressively fast, an avid mountain hiker, and always busy with household chores. He even takes the initiative to weed the neighborhood streets.

His constant movement reminds me of centenarians in the blue zones – naturally active and full of life.

Do you engage in activities like gardening, walking, cycling for transportation, fixing things around the house, or chopping firewood? These natural movements, often associated with centenarians in blue zones, have their unique health benefits.

What’s your take on these “blue zone exercises” for health and longevity? Do you find them effective, or do you lean more towards modern workouts like jogging, strength training, or HIIT?

Today’s video delves into this topic. I encourage you to watch it:


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