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Can Ikigai Diet Help Dementia? Part 7 Social Life and Local Network

Although diet seems to be the most significant factor to prevent dementia, other factors such as physical exercises, mental exercises, living environment, and social life all contribute to keeping your cognitive function healthy.

Today, let me talk about social life.

Why Don’t I Trust Diets Recommended by Doctors?

Doctors are experts on medicine but not in other fields such as philosophy or ecology. A philosopher can write a book on diet from different perspectives such as environmental friendliness and happiness.

Positive Thinking and the Ikigai Diet

While many diets focus on just food, the Ikigai Diet regards positive thinking to be a main part of the diet because it is a diet to support our intestines. A thought is a vibration. Every thought you have send a vibration to your body, especially to your intestines.

Why Does the Ikigai Diet Recommend Occasional feasts?

In the Ikigai Diet, we encourage people to have occasional feasts because that is the key to health and longevity. In Blue Zones, where many people live long, it is common to have social dinner parties with families, friends or neighbors.

What is Ikigai Diet Life?

What does Ikigai mean? Ikigai is a Japanese word meaning something that motivates us to live, something that gives us a meaning to live.