Whether to Do Hinoichi or Going to Lake Biwa by Bike and Train

We are going to have a long weekend starting tomorrow. I am thinking of going cycling on one of the three days, probably on Sunday. I was thinking of cycling to Hino station and carry my bike on the train to Maibara station to go to Lake Biwa, but now I am attracted to the idea of doing Hinoichi, which is to cycle around Hino Town. The distance is shorter than Biwaichi, cycling around Lake Biwa, but it will be as hard or even harder because there are a lot of ups and downs.

The course is more comfortable to ride a bike because there is less traffic. When you do Biwaichi you have to cycle on a regular road for most of the way, but in Hino, you can find a lot of farmers’ roads or regular roads with a few cars. In other words, it is mostly Satoyama cycling.

Well, I’ll see.

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