Setting Up an Organic School Lunch Promotion Committee

It has been over a year since I gave the talk on Totnes, and some of the visions we had at that workshop have begun materializing.

Finally, I Gave a Talk About Our Stay in Dartington and Totnes

We set up an organic school lunch promotion committee today. This is different from the Local Network Hino, it is specializing in organic school lunch. Some members of the Local Network are part of the committee, but also we include many other people such as parents and farmers. We already have about 10 people and the number will increase as we talk to other people.

I have a feeling that this will become a massive movement because there are already so many people who are interested in it. The question is will we be able to accommodate all those people? How are we going to organize these people? The Local Network Hino had about 30 members and we were very easy going without having any kind of structure. However, now we have people from different sectors and have a more diverse background.

The great thing about Hino is that we are connected to many people. We have a network of newcomers, and many of us are connected to local people. We also know many people in the town hall. We have friends who are members of the local parliament, too. We also know some school teachers personally.

It is all due to the groundwork in the last seven years.

Anyway, next year is going to be an exciting year, Hino will transition toward an organic town in one way or another. Maybe this is to do with the age of air.


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