Sanpo-Yoshi Organic School Lunch

These are slices of baguette with hummus made of soybeans. They were sold at a photo exhibition on Palestine held at a cafe in our town. I can’t remember when the last time I had hummus was, but it reminded me of the time I was in Palestine back in 1995. I went to Bethlehem 48 hours after the Palestinian autonomous territory started. We had hope for peace at that time but the situation has gotten even worse now.

There were some local people at the cafe and I had a chance to talk about organic school lunch with them. One of them works at the school my son goes to, two other people provide vegetables to the school lunch, and one other person who practices organic farming. In other words, they are all related to the issue of organic school lunch.

It was helpful to hear their perspectives. There are many issues to tackle, but having this kind of dialogue is important. If we manage to come up with a system where everyone benefits, it will be a great model case for many other towns, too. Since we are the town of Sanpo-Yoshi, three-way satisfaction, we need to pioneer in this field. Introducing organic school lunch isn’t the goal, building Sanpo-Yoshi organic school lunch is something we are aiming at.

It isn’t a movement to demand our rights or a fight to get what we want, but it is a harmonic process where we listen to one another and co-create something nobody imagined in the beginning.

Yes, the times they are a changing.      


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