Costa Coffee is in Hino Now

The other day, I went to Blumen Hugel Farm with my family and found a Costa Coffee stall at the entrance of the theme park.

Costa Coffee is a major European coffee chain that I saw everywhere in Britain. I didn’t expect to see one in Hino Town. We don’t even have Starbucks or Macdonalds.

Blumen Hugel Farm is a German-style agricultural theme park and it is in our neighborhood. It is only a 20-minute walk from our house.

My Nordic walking path is near there and I see the park every day.

Well, unlike Hino Town, the place is packed with people, mostly outside visitors. So, it makes sense that they chose this venue.

Apparently, there are some in Japan now, but most of them are in Tokyo, and only a few opened in Osaka this summer. The one in Hino is one of the few in the Kansai region and probably the only one in a small country town.

So, if you want to drink Costa coffee, come to Hino Town. No. I am only joking, I don’t support this kind of global chain. There are many local Kominka coffee shops. Kominka means traditional old Japanese house, and the atmosphere is fabulous.

This one is called da-na. It is run by my friend and is a hub of the local network, a network of sustainable and organic-conscious locals.

Anyway, Costa Coffee brings back memories of England.

Oh, that reminds me of Christmas pudding. It is time to make one now.



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