Focus on Wa in Autumn Equinox 2022

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These red flowers are called Higanbana, blooming around the time of the Autumn equinox.

It is autumn equinox tomorrow, around 10 am September 23rd Japan time. For many of you, it is on September 22nd.

As I stated in my book The Ikigai Diet, living with celestial rhythm is a critical part of a path toward longevity. Along with new moons and full moons, equinoxes and solstices are the times to contemplate or celebrate.

Equinoxes are the times when the length of day and night equals and it symbolizes balance.


Just like the balance between Yin and Yang.

It is time to check your life to see if it is balanced. Whether you have the balance between stillness and movement, intuitive element and analytical element,  going with the flow attitude and sticking to the plan attitude, optimistic forecast and realistic forecast, and many more.

It is also the time to contemplate on Wa.

It is written like this and it means Japanese. For example, 和食(Washoku) means Japanese food, and 和服(Wafuku) means Japanese clothes.

和(Wa) also means harmony, and we have valued this concept of harmony throughout our history. Therefore, many of the Japanese ways of living have developed by keeping a harmonious relationship with our surroundings, such as mountains, rivers, soil, plants, and microorganisms. We have kept a harmonious relationship with internal elements, as well, such as the gut microbiome, organs, and meridians, the lines of energy in the body.

Today, I would like to particularly focus on the harmony among body, mind, and spirit. True health in the ancient world means having a well-balanced development of the three.

Probably, you are keeping up with Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting, and the fiber-rich Ikigai Diet. You must be exercising regularly, too, since they are part of the daily routine. So the body is taken care of. However, your mental work and spiritual work may be neglected a little, if they are lower in your priority.

If that is the case, the equinox is a good time to reflect upon them. Are you practicing Shionon Kansha meditation? How about Ima Iwai?

Did you do Ima Iwai on the harvest moon on September 10th?

Jugoya: Full Moon Viewing and Ima Iwai

What about spiritual biohacking?

Are you practicing detoxication meditation or Zange?

How about Be the Change You Wish to See in Others’ Day? You know setting a day when you become a person you wish to see in your family members, friends, and co-workers. Or try to be a person that others want you to be. It is difficult to change yourself, but if it is just for one day, maybe you can try.

If you don’t know Shinon Kansha meditation, Ima Iwai, Detoxication Meditation, and Be the Change You Wish to See in Others’ Day, please read Ikigai Bio-Hacking.

I feel that the Autumn equinox in 2022 is a turning point in the big shift taking place between 2020 and 2024. It is a shift from the age of earth to the age of air. It all started with the Covid pandemic. Many astrologers back then were saying that the transition would continue all the way to the beginning of 2024. That means we have come halfway through. Well, actually more than half since 2 and half years have passed and only a year and a half left.  Yet it feels like half now. Many of the upheavals have finally gotten settled, and now, we feel things are moving in a better direction.

It is a good time to contemplate and get ready to act in the Air Age.



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