Soccer is like HIIT

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As I stated in this post,

The Commonalities and Differences between Longevity Biohacking and Teenage Biohacking

I have been working out with my son recently. Instead of doing my longevity fitness exercises, I have been adjusting my workout routine to my son’s. I used to go Nordic walking or jogging in the morning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and did bodyweight strength HIIT right before lunch on Tuesday and Thursday, but now, I work out in the late afternoon with my son.


I do SIT as my HIIT with my son.

I also play soccer with him. Soccer is good exercise. It is like HIIT because you run fast when you chase the ball and slow down when you dribble or pass the ball.

It is quite strenuous. I wonder how soccer players can continue running for 45 minutes in the first half and another 45 minutes in the second half. It is like doing HIIT for 90 minutes.

Well, we don’t play it that long, only for 10 minutes or so. It is just a good amount of workout overall. We jog for 5 minutes, hike up a hill for another 5 minutes, do SIT for about 10 minutes, play soccer for about 10 minutes, walk down the hill for 3 minutes, and jog back home for 5 minutes.

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