A Biodynamic Farm and Well-being Centre

The Apricot Centre on Huxhams Cross Farm a biodynamic farm in Dartington Devon. There were some synchronistic incidents happened on this trip such as bumping into Satish Kumar when I walked into Schumacher College( he is often away) and meeting my Emerson College senior at my talk. And now this magazine article. Wow! It looks like this trip does have some meanings for me.

Totnes Report A Sustainable Hub of the U.K.

Almond Thief is a hub of alternative people in Dartington and it has a great vibe. I managed to give a talk on a sustainable movement in Japan, and a workshop on the Ikigai Diet in Dartington, Devon.

Upper House Election 2019

The joint struggle of opposition parties have managed to run a unified candidate for 32 electoral districts, and they have a much higher chance of winning this time. In Shiga Prefecture where I live, Yukiko Kada, a former governor is running as the unified candidate. She has been active in environmental issues including dams and she also met Satish Kumar and Helena Norberg-Hodge when they visited Shiga.

Fermented Brown Rice Wheat and Barley Berries

I made fermented brown rice wheat and barley berries this time. I mixed brown rice, wheat berries, and barley berries. Then I pressure cooked them and fermented them in a jar rice cooker.

Raw Vegan Natto Salad

Raw vegan natto salad is the ultimate superfood since it has broccoli, brown rice vinegar, perilla oil, and sesame seeds.

Satoyama Cycling in Summer

One great thing about Satoyama cycling is that the scenery changes a lot month by month. Rice has grown a lot more from May and rice fields are much greener now.