Long-Lived Villages and Short-Lived Villages in Japan

Dr. Shoji Kondo, the author of Nihon No Chojumura Tanmeimura, Long-Lived Villages and Short-Lived Villages in Japan, spent 36 years traveling around the island, between 1935 and 1971, visiting 990 villages and towns to investigate the diets of each place. He discovered that there were villages where many residents lived long and villages where many residents didn’t live long. He found out that there was a distinct difference between the diets of long-lived villages and short-lived villages.

That Sugar Film and a Non Sugar Diet

That Sugar Film warns us that even supposedly healthy products contain a lot of sugar and people in the West are exposed to sugar without realizing it. The non-sugar Ikigai Diet can change the dietary culture of the entire planet. In Japan, we don’t eat so much sweet. We don’t have anything sweet for breakfast, such as cereal with sugar, muffins, or pancakes. We don’t have the custom of having dessert after dinner. Even for our tea breaks, we have green tea with pickles, not with cakes or donuts. And yet, we enjoy our life.

Satoyama Mountain Biking

My son finally got a mountain bike. We often go Satoyama cycling, cycling in the countryside, but he had a regular bike before and it was a little difficult for him. This is his old bike. This one is much better. We don’t cycle on mountain trails, just regular flat country roads, but some roads …

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