Cherry Blossom and the Law of Attraction

How I came up with Ima Iwai, which means to celebrate the here and now. It is from a Japanese version of the law of attraction. We have had a concept called Yoshuku or Mae Iwai, which is to celebrate your future success in advance as if it has already happened. Cherry blossom viewing was one such a practice; it was a celebration of the year’s rice harvest in advance.

Positive Thinking and the Ikigai Diet

While many diets focus on just food, the Ikigai Diet regards positive thinking to be a main part of the diet because it is a diet to support our intestines. A thought is a vibration. Every thought you have send a vibration to your body, especially to your intestines.

Why Does the Ikigai Diet Recommend Occasional feasts?

In the Ikigai Diet, we encourage people to have occasional feasts because that is the key to health and longevity. In Blue Zones, where many people live long, it is common to have social dinner parties with families, friends or neighbors.

Low Carb Diets VS. Brown Rice

Low carb diets are drawing attention everywhere, and many people seem to be obsessed with the idea that we need to avoid carbs including whole grains. On the other hand, brown rice is considered to be the most balanced food and recommended highly by the macrobiotic diet. Which should we listen to?

Are Low Carb Diets Big in Japan?

Low carb diets are everywhere. People are watching their carbohydrate intake as they did with fats a decade ago. Is it the same in Japan?

Does Reiwa Have a Positive Meaning or a Negative Meaning?

A lot of people around me don’t seem to be happy with the name judging from Facebook comments. If we interpret rei as commands or order, it sounds militaristic like harmony is ordered by the government. Considering the philosophy of our prime minister Abe, it isn’t surprising that he wanted to imply it in the name.

What’s Wrong with Avocados?

Avocados were ranked number 8 at the Top 10 Healthiest Foods Election which was held on a Japanese TV program with 300 doctors. While I agree that avocados are good for us, I wouldn’t rank them number 8 or anywhere in the top 10.