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Are Endurance Sports or Strenuous Exercises Good for Longevity?

I have been doing some endurance activities, such as 47 km Hinoichi Nordic walking or 150 km Biwaichi cycling. This is to commemorate my 60-year-old birthday, testing my fitness level to see if I am still capable of doing these intense activities, but are they good for longevity?

Loosening Your Tension: Shizenha Bio-Hacking

As I stated in Bodyweight Training and Stretching, in Chapter 14, we have a different perspective on being fit in Japanese natural health. Being fit means having flexible muscles and joints, not necessarily having big muscles.

Bio-Harmonizing with Japanese Natural Health

While bio-hacking is more science and technology-oriented, bio-harmonizing in the Ikigai Diet is keeping a balance between ancient wisdom and modern science. I incorporated many aspects of Japanese natural health into the Ikigai Diet. Zen Shijin diet, ancient Japanese martial art, healing methods such as Shiatsu, Seitai, and acupuncture are all part of Japanese natural health, which was initially influenced by ancient Chinese medicine.

Three Reasons Why I Don’t Take Supplements like NMN or Resveratrol

In the field of anti-aging, supplements like NMN and Resveratrol are in the spotlight these days and many people take them. Well, I don’t take them and I have never taken these kinds of supplements in my life including regular dietary supplements. Today, I will tell you why I don’t.