Satoyama life

Planting Seeds in the Spring

On Sunday, I planted some seeds before it started raining. It began raining about one hour after I finished planting. It was perfect timing.

Satoyama Cycling with Cherry Blossoms

It is Saturday and I have completed the seventh week of my intermittent fasting with Nordic walking and HIIT routine. This morning, I had breakfast and went Satoyama cycling with my son instead of my regular Nordic walking.

The Spring Energy is Still There for You to Tune into

I told you that there were seven things you can do on the spring equinox day, and you can still do them. The spring energy is still there and this awakening energy is the one you want to tune into. It isn’t over after the equinox, it will continue to get stronger as it gets warmer.

The Second Full Moon in the Age of Air

In the Age of Air, I feel living with celestial rhythm, which I talked about in Chapter 16 “Satoyama Living”, has become more crucial than in the Age of Earth, and being aware of lunar activities helps us stay integrated.

Entering the Age of Air

We are supposed to enter the Age of Air after the Great Conjunction on December 22nd, 2020.