Journey Through 700 Posts: The Ikigai Diet’s Path to Health and Longevity

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With the advent of the rainy season arriving earlier this year, I took the opportunity of a sunny Monday to harvest my onions, specifically those with leaves that had toppled over.

The process of onion harvesting requires a few days of drying under the sun, which can be a challenge during the rainy season. Consequently, most locals prefer to harvest their onions before the wet weather sets in.

On another note, this marks the 700th post on this blog.

Yes, you heard that right – this is the 700th post. The Ikigai Diet blog started its journey back in 2019, making this its fourth year running.

Here’s a throwback to the very first post:

What is Ikigai Diet Life?

That period also marked the beginning of the Reiwa Era in Japan, a topic I covered in one of my initial posts.

Does Reiwa Have a Positive Meaning or a Negative Meaning?

Back then, I only had the older version of the Ikigai Diet, a short e-book, to my name.

The year 2020 saw the publication of a revised and expanded paperback version.

The First YouTube Video in a Long Time

My personal health and longevity journey has seen its fair share of evolution too. In the early days of this blog, my exercise routine mostly consisted of Nordic walking and Satoyama cycling, with intermittent fasting not yet a part of my regimen.

It wasn’t until 2021 that I integrated Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting into my lifestyle.

Around the same period, I also began incorporating High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into my routine.

That was also the year I wrote the 300th post for this blog.

Finally, the 300th Post

In 2022, I ventured into the world of bio-hacking, penning down another book titled Ikigai Bio-Hacking.

2,22,2022 Ikigai Bio-Hacking is Officially Published

That year, my experimentations extended to deliberate heat exposure and cold exposure, while zone 2 jogging became a new addition to my workout routine.

Cold Plunge vs. Totonou, the Japanese Style Sauna Bathing

Two Things I Discovered After Doing Zone 2 Jogging Four Times a Week

Fast forward to 2023, I incorporated Sprint Interval Training (SIT) into my routine.

I am Getting Hooked on Sprinting

As you can see, my Ikigai Diet journey has been one of constant evolution.

However, my dietary habits have remained a constant throughout. I’ve stayed true to the Ikigai Diet all these years, consistently enjoying natto and koso genmai, along with Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I.

Another constant in my life is my ikigai, my purpose – writing. While my smaller ikigais have shifted from Nordic walking to sprinting, my primary ikigai remains unwavering. Writing is a part of who I am.

In March, I completed my Japanese book Shizenha Bio-Hacking, and I’m excited to announce that my new book( in English) will soon be ready for release.

I aim to publish it on July 10th. (Why this date? You’ll soon find out)

By then, I’ll likely have published the 710th post on this blog. The journey continues…



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