What’s Wrong with Avocados?

Avocados were ranked number 8 at the Top 10 Healthiest Foods Election which was held on a Japanese TV program with 300 doctors. While I agree that avocados are good for us, I wouldn’t rank them number 8 or anywhere in the top 10. Why? That is what I am going to talk about today, …

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What is Ikigai?

What does Ikigai mean? Ikigai is a Japanese word meaning something that motivates us to live, something that gives us a meaning to live. A lot of people say golf is my ikigai, or fishing is my ikigai. Does it mean ikigai is your hobby? Well, it can be your hobby if it is something …

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What is Ikigai Diet Life?

Ikigai Diet Life is a healthy lifestyle based on Ikigai Diet. It isn’t only what you eat and how you eat, but also how you live affects your overall well-being. Where you live, what kind of exercises you do, what kind of relationship you have with people around you, and your mental state. What is …

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